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Styling A Fancy Top & Denim

A fancy top and some edgy denims can take your look to a new level of Chic.

I am so for a effortless swag, this top is a bit extra but the classic style of it is such a temptation. When styling every piece can’t be the focus you have to have 1 thing that the look is tailored around, clearly it’s the top in this case. This top is a show stopper it will definitely turn heads, it’s such a classic timely cut. The fit of this top is perfect for any body shape giving the peplum fit and flare in the right spot so it’s sure to make any shape look nice and curvy in the right parts. Denim is a Classic that will never go out off style as long as the jeans fit for what ever look your going for your gonna always look effortless in denim. The marriage of these 2 pieces can not be more made for each other. These are some Levi’s denim that I thrifted and added some distress to, this top can be purchased on this site in the Tops Cart.

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