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My skin care regimen

  1. Clinique mild liquid soap cleanser - I use this day and night it’s gentle enough for my sensitive skin, and it does not dry me out.

  2. Mario Badescu - I spray after I clean I like to use this when I dont use witch Hazel it’s light and refreshing feeling and dont tingle.

  3. Clinique Dramatically different moisturizing lotion, this is by far my fav moisturize. I use this day and night I sometimes use it under my shea butter as well I use Shea butter 2 times a week to help with any discoloring.

  4. Exfoliating pads- I use these often not everyday or if I use in the am I won’t use at night, depending on what I did throughout my day. If I feel like my skin does not need extra cleaning I won’t use these

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